About The Ethical Mask


Who we are

At the start of this global pandemic, we at the Ethical Mask Company decided we wanted to do good things and help others in any way that we could. We looked around and what we saw was that today's solution was causing a catastrophic impact to our planet. We asked ourselves how we can follow the rules and wear protective masks without negatively impacting our ecosystem. We stepped up and created a solution, The Ethical Mask! Our science and technology engineers developed our bespoke, anti-pandemic, state of the art, ethical face mask.

The Ethical Mask is the only mask that is

  • FDA and CE approved
  • 3-layered, waterproof, antiviral and antibacterial
  • Hand made with 100% eco-friendly material. Fully biodegradable
  • 30 times washable (clinically tested 30 at degrees)
  • Comfortable and easily breathable, designed for extended duration wear

Our Ethical Mask is hand made and utilises state of the art “Nanosilver” technology.

Nanosilver Technology is an antimicrobial colloid composed of silver nanoparticles stabilized by polymer that exhibits excellent antimicrobial efficacy across a wide spectrum of microorganisms. Its super charged magnetic attraction pulls the abnormal DNA of viruses, weakening and killing viruses.

Be the Ethical solution

We believe in providing excellence without compromise and we stand at the top of the quality tree. We only believe in products that are 'Best In Breed' or we wouldn't offer them. This is our whole mantra. 

There are a lot of conflicting reports out there about the science behind the wearing of masks to protect us from Covid-19. We don't claim to fully understand the science or agree with either side and let's face it, none of us want to be wearing masks but in the meantime during this pandemic experience, if wearing a mask means the possible protection of another human being or yourself then we should only wear the best mask, one that we know protects us from viruses and also us protects the earth. The cool factor being the look of the Ethical Mask is simple an added benefit.